Zoning Board of Adjustment

ZONING BOARD – Established by NJ Municipal Land Use Law, N.J.S.A. 40:55D
Appointed by Mayor and Council

Terri Lemesevski – Zoning Board Secretary
(856) 467-3424 ext. 3027
Scott Oatman – Zoning Officer
Dale R. Taylor, Esq., – Solicitor
Uzo Ahiarakwe – Engineer, Traffic Engineer, Planner

Meet 2nd Monday each month 7 pm


Zoning Board Application


February 8th Meeting Documents

2320 Center Square Road

Variance Application     Prior Site Approvals     Sign Plans    Photos

Members Terms
Michael Rutch 1-2-20            12-31-23
Gerry Siglow 1-5-17            12-31-20

Tangee King-Morton

(unexpired term Naim Mitchell)

9-15-20          12-31-20
Kathy Love-Moore 1-2-18            12-31-20
Will Drew 1-2-18            12-31-20
Howard Clark 1-3-19            12-31-22
Ken Seelig 1-3-19            12-31-22

Demetrius Mojica, Alt. #1

(unexpired term Tangee King-Morton)

9-15-20          12-31-20
Alt. #2 (Vacant) 8-18-20          12-31-20

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