Youth, Parks and Recreation Committee

The Logan Township Youth, Parks and Recreation Committee provide safe recreation and activities for Township residents of all ages. Volunteers are always welcome.

Appointed by Mayor with the consent of Council

Meetings held the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7pm.


Members Terms
Alice Smedley 1-1-23              12-31-27
Linda Oswald 1-1-23              12-31-27
Liz Taylor 1-1-23              12-31-27
David White III 1-2-20              12-31-24
Rita Weber 1-2-20              12-31-24
Amy Pinterich (unexpired term of Lori Zane) 3-6-24              12-31-24
Amanda Smedley 1-2-20              12-31-24
Alt. A, Vacant  
Alt. B, Vacant  
Alt. C, Vacant  
Bernadine Jackson – Council Liaison  

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