Planning Board

The Planning Board consists of volunteer residents appointed by the Mayor & Council who are responsible for preparing the Township Master Plan in compliance with provisions of the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law (MLUL) and who are responsible for reviewing zoning ordinances referred to them by the Mayor & Council.

The Planning Board consists of nine (9) members and two (2) alternate members. The Board is assisted by a professional staff consisting of: Logan Township Engineer, Administrative Officer/Board Secretary, Attorney, and Professional Planner.

PLANNING BOARD – Established by NJ Municipal Land Use Law, N.J.S.A. 40:55D
Appointed by Mayor

Meet 2nd Thursday each month 6:30 pm

Planning Board Development Application Package

Site Plan Application



July 9th Meeting Documents


McDonald’s USA, LLC
1701 Center Square Road
Block 12.01 Lot 5

Land Development Application Package       Floor Plan       Elevations     Resolution No. 12-2012



Logan South Industrial Park
Block 1102 Lots 9-20

Amended GDP     Grading Plans     Utility Plans     SESC Plans   Stormwater Management Report    Major Subdivision Plan


June 25th Meeting Documents


Logan Project Management, Building H
300 Creekview Avenue
Block 1502 Lot 4


Members Terms
Art Smith (Class III) 1-2-20            12-31-20
Bob Lowe (Class IV) 1-3-19            12-31-22
Juan Mojica (Class IV) 1-3-19            12-31-22
Will Drew (Class IV) 1-3-19            12-31-22
Mayor Frank W. Minor (Class I) 1-2-20            12-31-20
Antonio Maratea (Class IV) 1-3-19            12-31-22
Bruce Atkinson (Class IV) 1-2-18            12-31-21
Arthur Stone (Class II)
unexpired term Tim Rousseau
1-2-18            12-31-21
Cynthia Mitchell (Class IV) 1-2-20            12-31-22
Dave Siek, Alt. #1 1-2-20            12-31-20
Doug Dorner, Alt. #2 1-2-20            12-31-20

Terri Lemesevski – Planning Board Secretary
856-467-3424  ext. 3027
Dale T. Taylor, Esq. – Solicitor
Remington & Vernick – Professional Traffic Engineer
Melanie Adamson – Professional Engineer
Jay Petrongolo – Professional Planner

Applicants who are contemplating a future proposal for their property to be submitted to the Planning Board, may take advantage of the opportunity to discuss their project on an informal basis with the Planning Board review Committee. Pre-application Review Committee meetings are available by scheduling with the Planning Board Secretary.

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